Uncle Vanya


Lockdown. Quarter-life crisis. Millennials. What could they possibly have in common with an aristocrat of the 19th century Russian countryside? Young adults today live with the constant anxiety of accomplishing something by the time they’re 30 - the job, car, house, kids - without having access to the same security their parents did. Add to that two years of lockdown and it’ll be enough to make you feel, like a certain Vanya, that you’ve wasted your best years by the time you’ve hit 25.

Award-winning Candid Broads Productions and Clem Productions introduce a new, fresh take on Chekhov’s classic, directed by Kieran Bourne (award-winning short films She's Just a Girl and So Am I; Say Your Name; Poles) and starring, amongst others, Clementine Pinet (multi award-winning series Call it a Day, award-winning short film Fabulous), Adé Dee Haastrup (Darkest Hour; Silent Witness, BBC), Sally Faulkner (Doctor Who; Identity; Doctors, BBC) and Jonathon George (#WeAreArrested, Royal Shakespeare Company; Boris Godunov, Royal Opera House).

This innovative adaptation of Uncle Vanya captures the sour comedy of the "quarter-life" crisis - the bitter and unhinged humour that arises from being trapped together in our present lives, having to confront our possible futures. The times were different, but the feelings are the same, and you might be surprised by how much the story of eight people stuck with the hell of each other can say about the timely anxieties of the 21st century.