Consumed by her melancholy and seemingly oppressed by every innocuous object in her home, Anna tries to find solace in her own reasoning. However, this line of thought leaves her paralyzed in a state of indifference to everything. She acts out of routine more than impulse. Her coffee goes cold sitting in front of her, her toast burns. There is only one vision of peace, one space of silence - the end. Even when a friend calls her out Anna cannot focus on the interaction instead the noise of the cafe, the brightness of the day more and more assert her belief that the only way out is to leave. Sitting alone at home with a final parting retort to the world via social media a surprise phone call from her mother could be the only thing that pulls her from the gloom.

**Official Selection Unrestricted View Film Festival 2022
- Nominated for Best Director
-Nominated for Best Actress
    - Nominated for Best Sound
    - Nominated for Best Soundtrack

**Official Selection Underwire Festival 2022
    - Nominated for Best Sound
**Official Selection Paris International Short Festival 2021

    - WINNER Best Cinematography
**Official Selection Oniros Film Awards 2021
    - Nominated for Best Short Film
    - WINNER Grand Jury Award Best Actress
    - Honourable Mention: Best Director